Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Last updated 09 January 2020

Ronald Leigh-Hunt (1920-2005)
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Ronald Leigh-Hunt

Born: Tuesday 5th October 1920
Died: Monday 12th September 2005 (age: 84)


Ronald Leigh-Hunt was a British film and television actor.

He had two major roles in Doctor Who. In 1969 he played Radnor in the second Ice Warrior story The Seeds of Death. he returned to the series in 1975 to play Commander Stevenson in Revenge of the Cybermen

His father was a stockbroker and he attended the Italia Conti Academy. He began acting whilst serving in the army. Though never a major star, he appeared in over a hundred television and film productions over a forty year period, including as King Arthur in The Adventures of Sir Lancelot in the mid-1950s, and General Hospital in the early 1970s.

He appeared in Danger Man and starred as Colonel Buchan in the 1960s - 1970's children's TV seriesFreewheelers.

He appeared in a Series 2 episode of critically acclaimed TV series Minder entitled You Lose Some, You Win Some.

His film appearances included The League of Gentlemen (1960), Le Mans (1971) and The Omen (1976).

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