Rowan Atkinson

Last updated 09 January 2020

Rowan Atkinson
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Rowan Sebastian Atkinson

Born: Thursday 6th January 1955 (age: 69)

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Rowan Atkinson is a comic actor reknowned for his physical comedy and facial expression. He first started acting whilst studying Electrical Engineering at Oxford, and achieved recognition through the Edinburgh Fringe; it was during this period that he also met up with long-term friend and collaborator Richard Curtis, with whom he worked on films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral and for Comic Relief in items such as The Curse of Fatal Death.

The two worked together on the radio show The Atkinson People, which was produced by Gryff Rhys Jones, and then Atkinson became one of the key regulars on television in Not The Nine O'Clock News, produced by another friend, John Lloyd. Then in 1983 he achieved public fame as The Black Adder, followed by three further series. 

Following this, Atkinson achieved international fame through his character Mr Bean, which went on to become two films. The popularity of the character was such that he appeared as part of the London 2013 Olympics during a rendition of Chariots of Fire.

Another collaboration on television, this time with Ben Elton, came in the form of The Thin Blue Line. Atkinson then starred in a number of successful Barclays adverts as a hapless spy, which inspired a new creation in the films Johnny English and Johnny English Reborn. Other films the actor has appeared in include the James Bond film Never Say Never Again, The Tall GuyRat Race, and Hot Shots! Part Deux.

The actor has also appeared in theatre, notably as Fagin in the West End production on Oliver! during 2009.