Roy Herrick

Last updated 09 January 2020

Roy Herrick (1936-1988)
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Roy Herrick

Born: Wednesday 22nd July 1936
Died: Tuesday 11th October 1988 (age: 52)


Roy Herrick was a British actor.

His television credits include: Danger Man, Public Eye, Callan, The Regiment, Colditz, Survivors,Pardon My Genie, George and Mildred, Tenko, The Fourth Arm, Mr. Palfrey of Westminster and Howards' Way.

He appeared in two Doctor Who stories: as Jean in The Reign of Terror and Parsons in The Invisible Enemy. He also voiced Xoanon in the Doctor Who story The Face of Evil.

Roy also played the barman in two episodes of You're Only Young Twice - 'The Missing Ring' and 'The Home Perm'.