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Sara Lloyd Gregory

Last updated 10 June 2015

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Carys Fletcher: as Carys: Day One[TW]
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Sara Lloyd-Gregory

Born: 1986 (age: 35)

Emptage Hallett (agent)

Sara Lloyd-Gregory is a Welsh actress.

Her debut came in 2003 in Stopping Distance, a film about gang rape in which she appeared as a teenage girl called Melanie.

In 2004, she made her second stage appearance, this time as teenager Julie Osman - the daughter of a Turkish Muslim man who was the victim of a racially motivated murder in South Wales - in A Way of Life.

In 2006, she completed a hat-trick of appearances in controversial films by portraying the role of a girl called Serena in Little White Lies. The film was a comedy which featured racism and was, like A Way of Life, filmed in South Wales.

Later that year, she starred in the Torchwood episode "Day One" as a young woman called Carys Fletcher who is possessed by an alien that feeds off orgasmic energy.

In 2007, she became one of the regular cast of the BBC Wales drama Belonging, as Nadine Weaver.

She is currently starring as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, in the New Theatre. Cardiff.

In 2011, she starred in the lead role of the new Welsh television series Alys.

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