Terence Dudley

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Terence Dudley (1919-1988)
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Terence Dudley

Born: Sunday 28th September 1919
Died: Sunday 25th December 1988 (age: 69)


Terence Dudley was a television director andproducer who directed many programs for the BBC over a number of years.

In the early 1970s, Dudley produced the BBC science fiction series Doomwatch. Between 1975 and 1977 he produced the series Survivors, directing many episodes. He also wrote the script for the season 3 premiere episode, entitled Manhunt. His son, Stephen Dudley, had a regular part in the program.

In 1980 he began an association with Doctor Who when he directed Meglos for John Nathan-Turner. That same year, he was asked to become producer of Blake's 7 after David Maloney was re-assigned before it was known that a fourth season would be made. Dudley turned the offer down, as he no longer wished to work as a producer. The following year he embarked on a brief career as a screenwriter for Doctor Who. He wrote three scripts for the programme - Four to DoomsdayBlack Orchid and The King's Demons. He novelized the latter two stories forTarget Books. He also wrote the script of K-9 and Company, the unsuccessful pilot for a spin-off involving Sarah-Jane and K9.

Terence Dudley died after a long period of cancer on Christmas Day 1988.

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