Tim Barlow

Last updated 21 January 2023

Tim Barlow (1936-2023)
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Michael John Leigh Barlow

Born: Saturday 18th January 1936
Died: January 2023 (age: 86)


Tim Barlow was a British actor who has performed many small roles in a variety of films,television programmes and plays.

Barlow left the army in 1969 to pursue a career in acting, receiving advice from Trevor Nunn and Sir Laurence Olivier. He has recently written and performed a one man show in which he describes how he came to the decision to go into the acting profession. He had previously had much success with another one man show entitled "My Army" in which he describes his life in the British army in the 1960s. This toured for many years.

One of his most notable roles was playing Mr. Morrow, a blind man allergic to his guide dog in The Tall Guy alongside Jeff Goldblum. He played Tyssan in the Doctor Who serial Destiny of the Daleks. He has also appeared on stage with the Royal Shakespeare Company and as the BFG at The Polka Dot Theatre in Wimbledon, and on screen as Mr Treacher in Hot Fuzz. Also in 2007 he played an Ancient Blind Oracle in the HBO series Rome.

He lost his hearing in the 1950s when testing a high Muzzle velocity Rifle for the British Army, until recently, when surgery to fit a cochlear implant allowed him to recover some of his hearing. His experience of having the cochlear implant fitted was detailed in a BBC Radio 4 programme called "Earfull - From Silence into Sound".


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