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Last updated 28 March 2020


TARDIS Data Core

A guerilla fought against the Daleks in an alternative 22nd century. Using stolen Dalek plans, a time machine had been built so he could travel back in time to Auderly House in the 1970s and kill Sir Reginald Styles, the person assumed to have started escalations into World War III.

The guerilla had failed to lock on Sir Reginald properly before he could finish the job. When he tried to return home, he was left for dead by some Ogrons that had followed him.

When Sergeant Benton escorted him to a hospital, the Third Doctor meddled with his time machine, which appeared to bring the guerilla back to his home era. Later, when Jo Grant threatened to destroy his time machine, Anat claimed that his body had been found there.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA