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Giles Kent

Last updated 10 June 2015

Giles Kent -
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Giles Kent was the leader of a plot to take down Ramón Salamander. He had formerly been Deputy Security Leader for North Africa and Europe in the World Zone Authority. He had been discredited and ruined by Salamander. When he saw the Second Doctor's resemblance to Salamander in 2018, he persuaded the Doctor to impersonate Salamander.

Kent was actually allied with Salamander all along, and was the one who brought Salamander's scientists to the underground complex. He secretly planned to kill Salamander and take over his operations, but pretended that he just wanted to expose Salamander as evil to get the Doctor on his side. After the Doctor exposed him, he retreated into the tunnels.

It was here that he encountered Salamander, who betrayed Kent by shooting and wounding him. Staggering into the explosives area, Salamander pursued him and was about to finish him off, when Kent pulled the main lever, triggering the explosives. His final words were, "Well, if I'm gonna die Salamander — you'll die with me!"

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA