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Last updated 28 March 2020


Group Captain Gilmore features in Remembrance of the Daleks

Gilmore first appeared in the old lot first featured in the 1963 episode An Unearthly child. Gilmore was there as an unknown assailant was holed up in the shed and had killed one soldier already.  Despite the 7th Doctor's warning, Gilmore dispatched another platoon of soldiers who got in a firefight with the Dalek. Gilmore lays done coverfire while the Doctor then flanks the Dalek an blows it up with explosives. Gilmore then secures the destroyed Dalek and returns to his HQ. Gilmore, though tankful for the Doctor, is still suspicous of him and his motives. Gilmore then orders another platoon of soldiers and also ATR(anti-tank rockets) to fight the daleks. Gilmore appears to be a good soldier that is trying to protect all of the citizens from the new could alien evil. As a good soldier, he is hesitant to listen to a civilian stranger though he knows the Doctor has considerable more knowledge aboutthe problem at hand. Gilmore later sets up a forward operating base from which to fight the Daleks and has the area evacuated under goverment regulations to prevent civilian injuries and witnesses. He even insures that the incident is slapped with a "d notice" which apparantly sanatizes all info concerning the incident. Ace had returned to Coal Hill School to retrieve her boom box. She was then trapped by multiple Imperial Daleks. Captain Gilmore and the Doctor lead the raid save Ace and wipe out the Imperial Daleks. Later it is found out that one soldier, Sgt Mike, had been funneling information to a civilian, who then gave the info to the renegade Daleks. Gilmore confines the Sgt to quarters and then continues the operation against the Daleks. Gilmore's last appearance was when he, the Doctor, and other soldiers pinned the Supreme Dalek in an alley. By the Doctor's words, the Dalek commuted suicide.

by Dan and Liz Lambert