Last updated 28 March 2020


Ancelyn's first and only Doctor Who appearance was in the Battlefield episode of the 7th Doctor's run. Ancelyn was dressed in his full suit of armor. Ancelyn was a knight sent from an alternate dimension in which the legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Roundtable had existed in real life. Ancelyn is a takeoff of King Arthur's most noble and brave Knights, Sir Lancelot. Hence the same sounding name. When Ancelyn was first seen in the episode, it was as a falling star, which was his transportation to this Earth. Rising up up out of the ground where he had hit, he began engaging with other members of the show.  

His first contact with the inhabitants of our world was the new UNIT commander, Brigadier Winnefred Bambera. Bambera had discovered the TARDIS sitting along side the road in an area where her UNIT Nuclear Missle Transport was broken down. Out from behind the TARDIS steps Ancelyn surprising the Brigadier. At that same moment, another group of Knights in full armour arrive and a brief battle insued involving Anselyn and the Brigadier forming an impromptu alliance to fight the Knights. Anselyn then had another couple of small skirmishes with the Knights using Ray guns and grenades. Anselyn was blown through a building where he is first met by the 7th Doctor and Ace. When Anselyn opens his eyes, he sees the Doctor and refers to him as Merlin(as in Merlin the Magician from Arthurian legend). Anselyn confirmed that he knew but talking about the TARDIS and other things associated with the Doctor. 

It is apparent that Ancelyn had met the Doctor in a future regeneration when he had travaled to the other dimension and had acted as Merlin. Next, Ancelyn, The Doctor, Ace, and Brigadier Bambera are all confronted by the mysterious Knights again. The Leader of the knights then reveals himself to be Mordrid, son of Morgana from Arthurian legend. Anselyn of course recognizes him immediately as they are mortal enemies. Along the way, Anselyn begins to show affections for Brigadier Bambera which she, in her "oh shame" way enjoys and begins to return. Kind of like a warriors respect leading to more.Anselyn continues to fight alongside the Doctor until the end of the episode when he discovers that King Arthur had already perished long before. Anselyn had been hoping that King Arthur would be returning with Excalibur to unite all of England and bring a new piece. Anselyn shows himself to be an expert with not only the knights sword but also Ray guns that are used in his alternate dimension. As the show is ending, the Doctor, Brigidier Lethbridge-Stewart, and Ancelyn are left at the Brigadiers house to do chores with Ancelyn getting to yard mowing.

by Dan and Liz Lambert