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Last updated 28 March 2020


Freda was a half-human, half-Ghosty who lived in Cardiff.

Freda was born on 30 May 2053. In 2069, her house was set aflame by people who persecuted Ghosties. Torchwood sent her through the Cardiff Rift to save her life. Freda arrived in 2009. After coming through, she had amnesia. As her Universal Remote Control was mistaken for a gun, she was arrested for shoplifting when she tried to pay with it.

PC Andy Davidson and Gwen Cooper took Freda into a safehouse until her memories returned. When they did, Freda escaped, and attempted suicide, but Gwen and Andy talked her out of it and promised to help. She decided against taking retcon, as she felt her memories were all she had.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA