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Kudlak -
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General Uvlavad Kudlak was an officer in the Uvodni military, one of the Uvodni Signus Brigade's most decorated warriors. He was a veteran of the Ghost Wars, a war against the Malakh.

Uvlavad Kudlak was a great military leader and was also well trained in the use of firearms. As the war against the Malakh was going badly for the Uvodni, Kudlak started to work for "the Mistress", who forced him to kidnap children from Earth in order to fight on the front lines. Kudlak also duped a human, named Mark Grantham, into helping him.

Kudlak and Grantham created a new laser-tag game named Combat 3000. Those children who managed to get through to Level 2 in the game were selected as the best, and transported to an Uvodni ship. After realising, however, that his Mistress had been lying to him, and that the war had been over for ten years, Kudlak killed the Mistress, and returned the children to their families.

Kudlak had always wanted peace, and was an honourable warrior. He saw the error of his ways and asked Sarah Jane Smith to kill him for his crimes, but she refused, and allowed Kudlak to go on his way. Kudlak decided to dedicate himself to finding the children he had kidnapped from other planets and returning them home.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA