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Last updated 18 April 2015

Androvax - Image Credit: BBC
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Androvax was a Veil and the last of his species outside of suspended animation. Due to his actions on Earth, he became an enemy of Sarah Jane Smith, who, in a turn of events, later aided him in his attempts to restore the Veil.

Androvax left his planet to travel the stars and returned to find his race extinct after their sun was extinguished. Distraught over the loss of his world, he grew jealous of other species, and sought to destroy their planets, teaching them what he had come to believe: That the truth of the universe was destruction. He became the highest on the Judoon's most wanted list, being wanted in five galaxies for twelve counts of global destruction.

Captain Tybo put him into his prison ship, but during transport the ship crashed on Earth, allowing Androvax to escape. He knocked out Tybo and escaped, taking over the body of a young girl. However, when Sarah Jane Smith detected him he revealed himself, stunned Sarah Jane and entered her body instead. He then returned to her home in Sarah's body and instructed Mr Smith to self destruct, before proceeding to the Genetec Systems and instructing the microscopic nanoforms to build him a ship.

Androvax was finally caught when Luke threatened to sabotage the ship, and ultimately stopped the Nanoforms from destroying the planet. The Veil was then sentenced to execution.

Androvax was sent to a swamp planet in the Calysteral cluster. There, he learned that he wasn't the last of the Veil, but instead there were 100 Veil in a hyperdimensional vault on Earth. He escaped the planet with an activator disk for the vault, but he was fatally poisoned by a Moxolon Swamp Viper. He attempted to get into the vault and was hunted by the Men in Black, but then learned that he needed a second disk. He enlisted Sarah Jane and her friends for help, not telling her that the process would annihilate the planet. Body jumping between the Bannerman Road gang and Gita, he opened the Vault and boarded the spaceship with the 100 last Veil and was transmatted out to space by Mister Dread preventing Earth's destruction, and took off in search of a new home.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA