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Madge Arwell

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Madge Arwell was the mother of Cyril and Lily Arwell and was briefly a companion of the Eleventh Doctor. She was a terrible driver, with a tendency to bump into things even when parked. Her husband, Reg Arwell, was a bomber pilot in the Second World War.

Prior to his disappearence over the English Channel just before Christmas 1941, Madge had helped out the Doctor in 1938 when he fell from a sub-orbital spaceship into a field she was cycling past. He told her he would return the favour if she made a wish. The Doctor kept his word and returned to give her children the "best Christmas ever".

Her efforts to save her children and herself from the Wooden King and Wooden Queen caused Reg's original disappearance over the channel, but in the same moment, he was returned safe and well due to her strength as both a female and a mother as she set the souls of the Androzani trees free.

Later, as the Doctor bade farewell to her, Madge insisted he spend Christmas day with family. Madge's persistence led to the Doctor visiting his in-laws, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, for Christmas dinner in 2013.

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Notes for Madge Arwell

The Backwards Spaceman
Madge Arwell meets the Doctor, but he's unrecognisable as he got into his impact suit backwards.

Whistlestop Tour
The Doctor might not be the caretaker the Arwell family was expecting, but he's certainly made the house a lot more fun.

Home in time for Christmas
The Doctor directs Madge Arwell to think of memories of home and fond memories of Reg to guide their flight home, even it means revealing the fate of her husband to their children.

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