Jimmy Stalkingwolf

Last updated 28 March 2020

Jimmy Stalkingwolf

TARDIS Data Core

Jimmy Stalkingwolf was briefly a companion of the Tenth Doctor.

Jimmy worked on a cattle ranch in New Mexico. In 1958, he was in a diner talking to his friend Cassie Rice when the Tenth Doctor came in and activated an alien device on display. At that same moment a secret agent walked in and tried to take the device. Jimmy confronted him.

The Doctor, Cassie and Jimmy escaped in Jimmy's truck, and he took them to a place where he found a foot print. He believed it to be an alien, though Cassie did not. They were attacked by a Viperox, during which the Doctor told them not to provoke it, and made them run. The American army arrived and fired at the Viperox, killing it.

Jimmy was arrested with the Doctor and Cassie. He almost had his mind wiped by gas but the Doctor saved him. The three escaped but set off the alarms.

They hid in a lab where they saw a different type of alien behind glass. They went up a lift. When they reached the top floor, they put their hands in air and smiled as the Doctor instructed.

Jimmy's grandfather was Night Eagle. Jimmy had a habit of calling the Doctor "Doc," which the Doctor found annoying. (TV: Dreamland)

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA