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Mr Harding

Last updated 18 April 2015

Mr Harding -
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Lionel "Harders" Harding was the curator of the International Gallery in London.

Lionel Harding was obsessed with the Mona Lisa and did not show any interest in his dedicated assistant, Phyllis Trupp. When the Mona Lisa came to life, he followed her and tried to help her until he had enough and realised she was not what he had imagined her to be.

To stop her, he destroyed the Chinese Puzzle Box, her last hope to free her brother and leave the gallery. He was shocked when the Mona Lisa said she did not want to experience the world, but to destroy it. Once the Mona Lisa was returned to her rightful place in the painting, he found new appreciation for Trupp and tried to express his affection for her. She, however, did not forget how he had treated her when Mona Lisa was alive and rejected him.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA