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Sam Garner

Last updated 28 March 2020

Sam Garner -
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Sam Garner

Sam Garner was a private detective in New York City. He was initially hired by Max Kliener to track down another private detective, Melody Malone, the alias being used by River Song as she investigated the Weeping Angels' invasion in 1938.

Garner was later paid by Julius Grayle sometime prior to 3 April 1938, to investigate Winter Quay, which was a building infested with Weeping Angels. Not realising this, he walked into a room at the Quay labelled "S. Garner". There he discovered a wallet containing his own investigator license card no. 9514, aged and yellowed. After confirming that the card was also still in his own wallet, comparatively pristine, Garner found a very elderly, bed-ridden man, who claimed to be Garner's older self before taking his last breath. Garner ran out of the room and tried to escape, but found that Angels were barring the staircase landings. Instead, he ran up to the roof whereupon the Statue of Liberty sent him back in time. He was trapped in Winter Quay for the Angels for the rest of his life, for them to feed on his time energy.

Decades later, once again in 1938, Garner saw his younger self come in, and died moments later. Garner's imprisonment in Winter Quay was presumably negated from the timeline when Rory Williams and Amy Pond created a paradox that removed Winter Quay from time.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA