The Brigade Leader

Last updated 28 March 2020

The Brigade Leader -
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The Brigade Leader

TARDIS Data Core

Brigade Leader Lethbridge-Stewart was a high ranking member of the Republican Security Forces in a parallel universe. He was in charge of security at the Eastchester Scientific Labour Camp.

Unlike his counterpart, the Brigade Leader had a missing or damaged left eye, covered by an eyepatch, and was clean-shaven. He captured and interrogated the Third Doctor, who had just arrived from his own universe. At first he had trouble believing the Doctor's story of having come from another dimension.

It eventually became clear that the Doctor had been telling the truth and the penetration of his Earth's crust would devastate the planet beyond recovery. He threatened to shoot the Doctor unless the Time Lord rescued him, Section Leader Shaw and Petra Williams, but instead the Section Leader shot him dead with her own revolver to save the other Earth.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA

Notes for The Brigade Leader

Falling into a parallel universe
The Doctor thinks the Brigadier and Liz haves gone insane when they threaten and imprison him. How will The Doctor get out of this predicament?

Lava eruption
The peculiar behaviour of the green monsters leads to a strange power surge at the Brigadier's energy plant.

Death by fire extinguisher
There's an invasion of green monsters in this clip from classic Doctor Who episode, 'Inferno'. With wild animal-like creatures running riot, the team's only option is to put their faith in the Doctor and a giant fire extinguisher!

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