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Section Leader Elizabeth Shaw

Last updated 05 June 2015

Section Leader Elizabeth Shaw -
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Section Leader Elizabeth Shaw was a security officer under the command of Brigade Leader Lethbridge-Stewart at the Eastchester Scientific Labour Camp on a parallel Earth, carrying out Stahlmann's project.

Section Leader Shaw captured the Third Doctor, who had just arrived from the Earth of his own universe and had mistaken her for his friend and colleague. Despite her absolute loyalty to the Republic of Great Britain's oppressive government, she tried to save the Doctor from execution, even though she initially didn't believe his story of interdimensional travel and thought that he was a demonstrator from an outlawed political group advocating greater freedom of speech.

She assisted the Doctor in returning to his world by shooting the Brigade-Leader when he threatened to kill the Doctor unless he rescued himself, Shaw and Petra Williams, something the Doctor was unwilling to do since he believed that it would cause a dimensional paradox which would shatter the entire space-time continuum. She was last seen by the Doctor near to Williams and Greg Sutton as a wall of lava flowed toward the technical storage hut.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA