Captain Slarn

Last updated 28 March 2020

Captain Slarn

TARDIS Data Core

Captain Orlous Moston Slarn was the captain of the anthropological exploration ship the Vipod Mor.

Slarn was cranky, aggressive and vindictive and was therefore disliked by the crew members of the Vipod Mor. The disobedience of the crew caused Slarn to become angrier, leading to a vicious cycle. The only person he really tolerated was his Steward, a polite and meek man who helped Slarn by giving him massages and taking care of his health. Slarn had several unusual biological features. One of the more dangerous characteristics of Slarn was his ability to incubate dangerous diseases within his body when he was angry. He liked to release these diseases among the crew when he was in a particularly bad mood. Slarn also liked to relax in lava pools and had fifteen meals a day. Slarn was severely weakened when he was accidentally infected by the Mors immedicabilis he created himself and was later killed when the Vipod Mor travelled back through time to the Big Bang. (AUDIO: Slipback)

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA