Lynda Moss

Last updated 28 March 2020

Lynda Moss -
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Lynda Moss

Lynda Moss — self-identified as Lynda with a Y to contrast with Linda with an I — was one of the Big Brother contestants onboard the Game Station in 200100.

After she met the Ninth Doctor, he told her that she was "sweet" and asked her to join him on his travels. Lynda agreed and, along with Jack Harkness, they set out to save Rose Tyler from her "death" during The Weakest Link. Lynda was horrified when Rose was seemingly disintegrated. After escaping capture, Jack used a supposed disintegration beam on Lynda to show the Doctor that it was in fact a transmat and Rose was alive.

In the battle against the massive Dalek invasion, she acted as a coordinator by using the sensors to track Dalek movement. This ended when the Daleks located her. She reported to the Doctor, and he assured her that that side of the station was reinforced against meteors. The Daleks began to cut through the door with a torch as Lynda watched. This proved unsuccessful. Five Daleks rose outside the observation window. As she screamed, one of the Daleks then shot the window, shattering it.

Lynda was remembered by the Doctor as one of the people who had died in his name.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA