Queen Victoria

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Queen Victoria -
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Queen Victoria

Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India and Defender of the Faith, was an influential monarch on Earth in the 19th century, ruling from 1837 to 1901. Her reign, known as the Victorian era, was marked by tremendous strides in technology and the arts in Britain and elsewhere. Victoria met the Doctor at least twice; she met him during her coronation ceremony in 1838, and in 1879 she experienced an adventure with the Tenth Doctor. The latter led to her effectively banishing the Doctor from her country and forming the Torchwood Institute as the British Empire's defence against the dark forces with which the Doctor seemed to consort.

Many people, places and things were named after her throughout time.

The Third Doctor claimed to have attended Queen Victoria's coronation in 1838.

Queen Victoria's late husband Prince Albert had known Sir George MacLeish, the owner of Torchwood House.

Following an adventure with an alien werewolf, the Queen knighted both Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor for saving her. However, she abruptly had a change of heart and banished the Doctor from the British Empire. Shortly after, she founded the Torchwood Institute, taking the name from the estate where she encountered the Doctor. Despite his having saved her life, Victoria had the Doctor listed as "an enemy of the Crown" in Torchwood's original charter, as related by Yvonne Hartman.

The Queen seemed very guarded about a bite the werewolf may have given her, leading Rose and the Doctor to jokingly speculate that the werewolf curse was subsequently passed down through the royal line.

Four years later, in 1883, the being calling itself Josiah Samuel Smith trained the deranged Redvers Fenn-Cooper as an assassin to kill the Queen. Cooper had an invitation to visit Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen, so Smith saw him as the perfect assassin to kill her, which would enable Smith to take over the throne. Fenn-Cooper believed the monarch to be a wild animal called the "Crowned Saxe-Coburg".

In 1889, Li H'sen Chang was scheduled to perform for Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace but he was killed one month earlier.

Knowledge of the Doctor passed down from one generation to another in the Royal Family following the incident with the werewolf and exile by Queen Victoria, being remembered as far as the 33rd century by Elizabeth X of Starship UK.

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