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Booking Assistant

Last updated 19 July 2014

Booking Assistant has been credited in:
23 episodes of Doctor Who

1975Pyramids of Mars: Part One (uncredited)Phyllis Page
Pyramids of Mars: Part Two (uncredited)
Pyramids of Mars: Part Three (uncredited)
Pyramids of Mars: Part Four (uncredited)
1979City of Death: Part One (uncredited)
City of Death: Part Two (uncredited)
City of Death: Part Three (uncredited)
City of Death: Part Four (uncredited)
1981Logopolis: Part One (uncredited)Sheila Hodges
Logopolis: Part Two (uncredited)
Logopolis: Part Three (uncredited)
Logopolis: Part Four (uncredited)
1982Castrovalva: Part One (uncredited)
Castrovalva: Part Two (uncredited)
Castrovalva: Part Three (uncredited)
Castrovalva: Part Four (uncredited)
Time-Flight: Part One (uncredited)
Time-Flight: Part Two (uncredited)
Time-Flight: Part Three (uncredited)
Time-Flight: Part Four (uncredited)
1988The Happiness Patrol: Part One (uncredited)Phyllis Page
The Happiness Patrol: Part Two (uncredited)
The Happiness Patrol: Part Three (uncredited)