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Adeola -
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TARDIS Data Core

Adeola Oshodi, known familiarly as "Adi", was a technician at Torchwood One, where she worked on its free energy project. She died as the result of Cyberman infiltration of Torchwood Tower. She was a cousin of Martha Jones.She was finding a place to make a romantic liaison with a co-worker named Gareth Evans when she was seized and cyber-converted by Cybermen who had slipped through the Void through a breach in space-time. Her "upgrade" was internal, through an EarPod-like earpiece (or earpieces) linked with connective tissue directly to her brain. She was killed definitively when her "earpieces" were overloaded by a signal from the Tenth Doctor.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA