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Red Kang

Last updated 28 March 2020

Red Kang

The Red Kangs were one of the three Kang factions in Paradise Towers. As with all Kangs, every member was a young woman and had red hair and clothing.


The Red Kangs, as with all the Kangs, were shipped to Paradise Towers after the outbreak of war. They took a brainquarters which they operated from when competing against the other Kang groups. When the Seventh Doctor and Melanie Bush arrived at Paradise Towers, the first people they met were Red Kangs. Bin Liner and Fire Escape extended greetings to the Doctor but they distrusted Mel. They attempted to take them both captive but were forced to flee when the Caretakers launched a raid on the Fountain of Happiness Square.

Some time later, the Doctor fell down a hole into the Red Kang brainquarters and was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he showed them how to use a vending machine and they all drank Fizzade. The Doctor showed them an information video about Kroagnon, the architect of Paradise Towers. The Caretakers, who had been tracking the Doctor, broke down the door to the brainquarters and the Doctor gave the Red Kangs time to escape by getting himself captured.

The Red Kangs broke into the Chief Caretaker's office. They tied up the Doctor's guards, allowing him to flee. While they were in their brainquarters working on the plan to defeat Kroagnon, the Blue Kangs broke in and claimed to have won the game. The Doctor convinced them to work together and went to the basement with Fire Escape, Bin Liner and Drinking Fountain. They witnessed Kroagnon's use of corpoelectroscopy to take over the Chief Caretaker's body. A cleaner attacked the Doctor but the Kangs pulled him free.

They went to Floor 304 and formed an alliance with the Rezzie, Caretakers and Pex. The Kangs and Rezzies worked together to destroy cleaners and prepare traps for Kroagnon. However, he arrived before they were ready and Pex sacrificed himself to kill Kroagnon. In honour of him, the Kangs held a ceremony and as a parting gift, presented the Doctor with a red and blue scarf, making him an honorary Kang.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA