Sycorax Warrior

Last updated 28 March 2020

Sycorax Warrior

TARDIS Data Core

The Sycorax were a superstitious race of warriors and intergalactic plunderers.

The Sycorax had both an endo- and exoskeleton. The latter covered part of their head (giving them a skull-like appearance), leaving the the rest of their skinless faces exposed to the elements. The exoskeleton could vary from a smooth, skull-like shape (TV: The Christmas Invasion) to a more jagged, horned shape.

The native language of the Sycorax was Sycoraxic. The Sycorax practised slavery. They attempted to enslave humans in their Christmas Day invasion.

The Sycorax were a superstitious race who believed in magic and witchcraft.

The Sycorax could detect energy signatures, letting them identify advanced technology.

The Sycorax used energy whips which could destroy all the flesh in a body, leaving only burnt bones. During the invasion of Earth, they also used blood control. They understood, but did not speak, Earth languages such as English.

In 102, the Sycorax were among the races who joined the Alliance. They came to Stonehenge and helped imprison the Eleventh Doctor in the Pandorica to "save" the universe.

At Christmas 2006 a Sycorax asteroid ship entered the Sol system. When the space probe Guinevere One crashed into them, they used the blood sample for blood control, threatening to kill every human with A+ blood unless they were given half the population as slaves. The Tenth Doctor (who had just regenerated) and his allies Mickey and Rose were inside his TARDIS. The Sycorax picked up a signal from the TARDIS' advanced technology and teleported them to their ship. The Doctor activated the blood control, knowing human survival instincts would break its hold. The Doctor challenged and defeated their leader in a sword duel, forcing the Sycorax to leave Earth and humanity alone. However, as the Sycorax ship was leaving Earth, Harriet Jones ordered Torchwood to fire at it with a salvaged alien ray weapon, from a Jathaa sunglider, destroying it.

In 2010, a Sycorax was seen at the Zaggit Zagoo bar when the Tenth Doctor came to visit Jack Harkness one last time before his regeneration.

The Sycorax was one of the 11 creatures who appeared in the hologram projection shown by the Atraxi as they were scanning Earth's history to check if it was protected.

In 1599, the Tenth Doctor, in the presence of William Shakespeare, noted how an animal skull reminded him of a Sycorax inspring the name of the mother of Caliban in Shakespeare's play; Tempest.

The Great Intelligence mentioned, among others, the death of "the leader of the Sycorax" at the hands of the Doctor to dispute Madame Vastra's claim that the Doctor was never "blood-soaked".

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