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Adelaide Brooke

TARDIS Data Core

Captain Adelaide Brooke, Ph.D (12 May 1999 - 21 November 2059) was briefly a companion of the Tenth Doctor. During the Daleks' attempt to destroy reality, she ended up being orphaned when both of her parents never returned home. She was raised by her grandmother afterwards and, as the years passed, eventually became a mother and grandmother herself. She was commander of Bowie Base One on Mars in the late 2050s.

In November 2059, the base came under attack by a water-based entity called the Flood. This provoked her to give up her life to prevent the viral lifeforms from infecting humanity. It gave her granddaughter Susie Fontana Brooke the desire to be a pioneer of space travel. However, the Doctor interfered with Brooke's fate, and she took matters into her own hands to make sure critical events of time would not be cancelled out, through suicide. She was hailed as a hero in the new timeline, still inspiring her granddaughter to continue the Brooke tradition to go into space.

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