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Last updated 13 June 2018

Chantho -
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Bio by Aidan Matear

Chantho was the last of the Malmooth race from the planet Malcassairo. Assistant to Professor Yana on the Utopia Project, she fell in love with him. Sadly for Chantho though, Yana didn’t feel the same way. However, this didn’t stop Chantho enjoying a little flirt with Captain Jack Harkness, a character not known for being fussy about who he flirted with. Part of her culture, as a sign of politeness, she started every sentence with the first part of her name, ‘Chan’, and ended the sentence with the last part of her name, ‘tho’. To not do so is the human equivalent of swearing.

Martha and Chantho became good friends, having cheeky giggles together. They bonded because of their unrequited loves, Chantho for Yana and Martha for The Doctor.

When Yana opened the fob watch he had had since he was a boy, the Time Lord essence emerged and he reverted to his true identity of The Master. And so The Doctor’s greatest nemesis rose again. True to form the evil Master electrocuted Chantho but she managed to fatally shoot him before she died, causing The Master to regenerate.