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Shansheeth Blue

Last updated 19 April 2015

Played By
David Bradley: as Voice of Shansheeth Blue: Death of the Doctor[SJA]
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Shansheeth Blue - Image Credit: BBC
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Shansheeth Blue was a Shansheeth of the Claw Shansheeth of the 15th Funeral Fleet. Shansheeth Blue and the other Claw Shansheeth were working with Colonel Tia Karim of UNIT to fake the death of the Eleventh Doctor in order to steal the Doctor's TARDIS and use it to end death.

He wore purple and was distinguished by the colour of the three blue gems worn on his forehead. His Brothers of the Wing appeared to defer to his leadership.

At the remembrance gathering, it played the Cradle, a harp that was also a projecting surveillance device, a hypnotic memory device and a detector for the memory weave that could gauge the strength of memories. He first noticed Clyde eavesdropping and snarled at him before ordering the others to give chase.

Shansheeth Blue died when the memory weave overloaded.

Biography from the TARDIS Data Core article, licensed under CC-BY-SA