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Paul McGann: The TV Movie; Storm Warning[BF]; Sword of Orion[BF]; The Stones of Venice[BF]; Minuet in Hell[BF]; Invaders from Mars[BF]; The Chimes of Midnight[BF]; Seasons of Fear[BF]; Embrace the Darkness[BF]; The Time of the Daleks[BF]; Neverland[BF]; Scherzo[BF]; Shada[BF]; The Creed of the Kromon[BF]; The Natural History of Fear[BF]; The Twilight Kingdom[BF]; Faith Stealer[BF]; The Last[BF]; Caerdroia[BF]; The Next Life[BF]; Terror Firma[BF]; Scaredy Cat[BF]; Other Lives[BF]; Time Works[BF]; Something Inside[BF]; Memory Lane[BF]; Blood of the Daleks Part 1[BF]; Blood of the Daleks Part 2[BF]; Horror of Glam Rock[BF]; Immortal Beloved[BF]; Phobos[BF]; No More Lies[BF]; Human Resources Part 1[BF]; Human Resources Part 2[BF]; Absolution[BF]; The Girl Who Never Was[BF]; Dead London[BF]; Max Warp[BF]; Brave New Town[BF]; Hothouse[BF]; The Skull of Sobek[BF]; Grand Theft Cosmos[BF]; The Zygon Who Fell to Earth[BF]; Sisters of the Flame[BF]; The Vengeance Of Morbius[BF]; Orbis[BF]; The Beast of Orlok[BF]; Wirrn Dawn[BF]; The Company of Friends[BF]; The Scapegoat[BF]; The Cannibalists[BF]; The Eight Truths[BF]; Worldwide Web[BF]; Death in Blackpool[BF]; Situation Vacant[BF]; Nevermore[BF]; The Book of Kells[BF]; Deimos[BF]; The Resurrection Of Mars[BF]; An Earthly Child[BF]; Relative Dimensions[BF]; The Four Doctors[BF]; Prisoner of the Sun[BF]; Lucie Miller[BF]; To The Death[BF]; The Silver Turk[BF]; The Witch from the Well[BF]; Army of Death[BF]; Dark Eyes: 1[BF]; The Light at the End[BF]; The Night of The Doctor; The Day of The Doctor (from archive recording); Dark Eyes: 2[BF]; Dark Eyes: 3[BF]; Dark Eyes: 4[BF]; Doom Coalition: 1[BF]; Diary of River Song: Series 1[BF]; Doom Coalition: 2[BF]; Doom Coalition: 3[BF]; Doom Coalition: 4[BF]; The Time War[BF]; Ravenous 1[BF]; The Time War - Series 2[BF]; Ravenous 2[BF]; Ravenous 3[BF]; Ravenous 4[BF]; The Legacy of Time[BF]; The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller[BF]; Rage of the Time Lords[BF]; The Time War - Series 3[BF]; Classic Doctors, New Monsters (Volume One)[BF]; Living Legend[BF] | as Doctor Who: Shada (Online)[Misc]
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Charles Andre: as Stunt Double for The Doctor: The TV Movie(uncredited)
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Liam Hanley: as Double for Eighth Doctor: The Name of the Doctor(uncredited)
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Philip Crean: as Double for The Doctor: The Night of The Doctor(uncredited)
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Scott Stevenson: as Double for Paul McGann Doctor: The Day of The Doctor(confirmed)
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The Doctor -
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The Eighth Doctor was unique amongst incarnations of the Doctor in that he was technically dead both when he regenerated from the Seventh Doctor and when he regenerated into the War Doctor. Indeed, his fateful choice to have the Sisterhood of Karn turn him into a warrior would have repercussions for several later regenerations. The angst felt by the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors over the destruction of Gallifrey in the Last Great Time War lead directly back to this Doctor's post-death decision to regenerate into the War Doctor. This choice was his reprisal against a life of much loss and hopelessness that shredded his resolve to carry the title of "Doctor" any longer, and his acceptance that the Last Great Time War needed to be resolved by a hardy warrior who would be fit to enter the battlefield, instead of a healer.

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