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Andy Stone

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Andrew "Andy" Stone was a member of Bowie Base One who was one of the first of that colony to be infected by the Flood.

Andrew Stone was born in a farming commune in Iowa on 18 January 2025, isolated from industrial life. The appalling storm conditions of 2040 forced the commune to adapt their way of life and develop revolutionary ways of growing food in bad weather. In 2045, Andy left the commune to bring this knowledge to the rest of the world, which was racked by climate change. His research on crop growth in hostile environments was picked up by Mia Bennett and her father, and he joined their research team. Andy was encouraged by Mia's father to join NASA, despite his lack of formal qualifications.

In 2059, he was the first of the Bowie Base One colonists to be infected by the Flood, through consuming a carrot washed with the base's contaminated water supply. He infected Maggie Cain and Tarak Ital. When the Tenth Doctor and Adelaide Brooke reviewed the maintenance log reports, they discovered an entry by Andy stating that the water filter had broken and that the replacements wouldn't fit, allowing the infection to spread through the base's water supply. The infected form of Andy was killed when Adelaide Brooke activated Action Five, blowing up the base. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

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Escape from the Water Zombies
The date is 21 November 2059, and The Doctor is on Bowie Base One, the first human outpost on Mars. Base commander Adelaide Brooke discovers some of her crew have been infected with a mysterious life form which takes over the host body and causes it to gush copious amounts of water. The Doctor and Adelaid flee two water zombies on sonic enhanced Gadget, previously operated by Roman Groom from the central dome. Andy and Tarak, still infected, chase the Doctor, Adelaide and Gadget back to the central dome, but are unable to pursue them any further due to the hardinger seals in the central dome airlocks and are contained in the base's "bio-sphere" section while Maggie is secured in the medical wing. The Doctor, however, is worried about the doors and whether they can protect them from creatures with such power, making a chilling statement, "Water is patient, Adelaide, water just waits. It wears down the clifftops, the mountains, the whole of the world. Water always wins!"

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