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Last updated 11 October 2016

Cedric Chivers was the friend of Susan Foreman in 1963 and one of her classmates at Coal Hill School. In October of that year, he protected her when Mavis attacked her. He had wild ideas about Susan's home. He took her on the London Underground, which she was amazed about. Colonel Rook was his uncle, and Cedric spied on Susan at his request.

By 2013, he was teaching at Oxford, according to Alice Watson he had simply forgotten to retire. He helped to create a time machine. He knew that it worked as he was given himself the instructions from the future. The Eleventh Doctor's influence, by getting him and Susan to buy a Bob Dylan record, led to him to marry a girl that he met at a Dylan concert. The memory of his children and grandchildren stopped him from entering the time machine, allowing the Doctor to stop the Creevix.