Albert C Richardson

Last updated 28 March 2020

Albert C Richardson -
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Albert C Richardson

TARDIS Data Core

Albert C. Richardson was first mate aboard the Mary Celeste, under Captain Benjamin Briggs, on a voyage in November 1872.

On 25 November, Richardson stepped out onto the deck and discovered a woman, Barbara Wright, whom he apprehended as a stowaway. Vicki Pallister knocked him unconscious, wielding a belaying pin as a truncheon against Richardson's skull. He came too just in time to witness the TARDIS de-materialising, and alerted Capt. Briggs.

As the crew searched for the two stowaways, a Dalek time machine materialised on the deck, having chased the First Doctor to the spot. The Daleks' appearance frightened everyone aboard into immediately abandoning ship. Richardson threw a belaying pin at a Dalek without effect. The Dalek chased him, demanding answers to its questions. Hurriedly backing away, Richardson crossed his chest and leaped overboard from the gunwale in the hope of escape. Neither his remains nor those of anyone else from ship were ever recovered.

A typographical error in the "Flight Through Eternity" credits lists him as Albert C. Richardson. In the real world his middle name began with a "G".

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