Last updated 27 August 2020

Doctor Who: Dark Eyes: 1

Dark Eyes: 1

Story Number: 35 (BF)
No of Episodes: 4

Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Director: Nicholas Briggs

Starring: Paul McGann, Ruth Bradley, Peter Egan, Toby Jones, Nicholas Briggs

Big Finish Release (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Friday 30th November 2012
Running Time: 5 hours

‘I really hoped it would be a wonderful view... to look back from the end of everything... to see how things finally turned out.’

The Doctor is looking for hope. But instead, he finds himself on a mission. The Time Lords have uncovered terrifying fragments of an insane plot to destroy the universe. And somehow, at the centre of that plot is one, random female in Earth’s history, Molly O’Sullivan.

Soon, the Doctor and Molly find themselves thrown headlong into a series of dangerous and terrifying adventures, with the dreaded Daleks never far behind them

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