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Doctor Who Guide: Doctor Who: Best of Blue Peter
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Last updated 15 December 2018

Doctor Who: Doctor Who: Best of Blue Peter

Doctor Who: Best of Blue Peter

Story Number: 255
No of Episodes: 1

Programme link on BBC website

Starring: Barney Harwood, Lindsey Russell, Radzi Chinyanganya, Danny Hargreaves

CBBC (United Kingdom):
First Broadcast: Friday 7th November 2014
Running Time: 30 minutes

As the current series of Doctor Who comes to an end, we're celebrating over 50 years of friendship between Blue Peter and everyone's favourite Time Lord! Radzi meets special effects supervisor Danny Hargreaves to find out the secrets behind some of the incredible scenes from the current series. Also, there is another chance to see how our three competition winners got on behind the scenes earlier this year when they met Peter Capaldi and saw their sonic devices in action! Plus a look back at some of the best Doctor Who and Blue Peter moments over the years and an out-of-this-world song from Brett Domino!