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Fifth Doctor Titles
Peter Davison's title sequence which ran from 1982-84: Castrovalva to The Caves of Androzani.

Coming to terms with regeneration
The Doctor comes to terms with his regeneration.

Post-regeneration trauma
In the Tardis with Adric, the newly regenerated Doctor is in a vulnerable state.

The TARDIS nurses the Doctor
The Doctor is full of erratic behaviour as he recovers from his latest regeneration, but the TARDIS is out of control. As Tegan and Nyssa try desperately to alter their course, Adric has been kidnapped by the Master, who gleefully watches and approaching destruction of the TARDIS and her crew.

Recursion ploy
The Doctor suspects a recursion ploy when Mergrave offers him a drink in Castrovalva's library.

False History
Shardovan helps the Doctor to work out that Castrovalva's history books are five hundred years old, but chronicle the history of Castrovalva to the present day.

Credit: BBC Worldwide