TARDIS Space Chase! :
With the Urbankans on his heels, the Doctor makes a daring leap into space to recover the TARDIS - with Tegan inside!

The Doctor Meets the Urbankans:
As the Doctor and Tegan get acquainted with Monarch, Enlightenment and Persuasion, Nyssa has a peculiar encounter...

Take Me to Your Leader!:
When the TARDIS lands on a ship headed for Earth, the Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Adric go looking for answers...

The Doctor is Executed?!:
As Tegan struggles with the TARDIS, the Urbankans turn on the Doctor - and order their androids to execute him!

Adric Spills the Beans:
As the Doctor learns more about Monarch's sinister plans, Adric is busy telling him everything he needs to know about the TARDIS!

The Ancient Greek Android:
Bigon the Ancient Greek reveals to the Doctor and Tegan that he is not all that he seems!

The Urbankan Plan:
The Doctor and his friends learn more about the Urbankans, their shape-shifting ability, and their plans to resettle on Earth!

Credit: BBC Studios