Fifth Doctor Titles
Peter Davison's title sequence which ran from 1982-84: Castrovalva to The Caves of Androzani.

Meet the Fifth Doctor!
As the Master makes his escape, Nyssa, Tegan and Adric adjust to a newly-regenerated Doctor!

Coming to terms with regeneration
The Doctor comes to terms with his regeneration.

The Fifth Doctor Dresses for Cricket
As Tegan, Nyssa and Adric struggle to navigate their way through the TARDIS, the Doctor spends some time picking out a fresh new look...

Castrovalva Crash Landing
With the Zero Room jettisoned, Tegan "lands" the TARDIS on a planet that may help the Doctor recover...

Post-regeneration trauma
In the Tardis with Adric, the newly regenerated Doctor is in a vulnerable state.

The TARDIS Nurses the Doctor
The Master has Adric, and the TARDIS is in peril - but it still has time to aid the Doctor in his recovery...

Recursion ploy
The Doctor suspects a recursion ploy when Mergrave offers him a drink in Castrovalva's library.

False History
Shardovan helps the Doctor to work out that Castrovalva's history books are five hundred years old, but chronicle the history of Castrovalva to the present day.

The Doctor vs the Master
The Master's plan is revealed, and the Doctor is powerless to stop him - but the people of Castrovalva might have something to say about that!

The Confusing City Map
The Doctor tries to understand the workings of Castrovalva when Mergrave marks his pharmacy on the map - in four places at once!

Caught in a Space-Time Trap
The Doctor regains his memories of Adric and leaps into action - but it doesn't seem possible to leave Castrovalva!

The Doctor is Missing?
Nyssa and Tegan attempt to track down the Doctor - while avoiding the local warriors!

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Season 19 Trailer
To celebrate the launch of 'The Collection - Season 19' we asked fan Pip Madeley to make a cinematic trailer for Season 19.

Credit: BBC Studios 

Castrovalva: Highlights:
Enjoy some clips from the Fifth Doctor's debut adventure, 'Castrovalva'!

Credit: BBC Studios