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The Last Dalek in the Universe
The Doctor and Rose land the TARDIS in a massive underground bunker near Salt Lake City, Utah. In the deepest, darkest cell in the complex the Doctor finds a lone Dalek. Imprisoned and powerless, alone and the last of his kind, the Dalek itself points out the similarity of their fortunes.

You would make a good Dalek
The last Dalek in the universe has regenerated itself with some help from Rose. It has scanned the universe for more of it's kind, but found none and no one to give it orders. The Doctor has a suggestion.

"That thing killed hundreds of people"
The Doctor threatens to destory a Dalek with an alien weapon.


Writing The Dalek
Notes from writer Robert Shearman.

Designing The Daleks
Notes from assistant designer Matthew Savage.

Building The Daleks
Creating the creatures with Mike Tucker.

Dalek Sounds
Notes from Paul Jefferies on creating those unmistakable sounds.

Voice Of The Daleks
Dream come true for voice of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs.

Backstage With Nicholas Briggs
Nicholas Briggs takes his camera on set.

Making Models
Meet miniature model maker Ben.

Credit: BBC