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Spaceship crashes into Big Ben
After a year away from Earth and her mother, Rose Tyler wrestles with regret and the new knowledge she has about the universe. Little does she know the forces of the universe are about to make their presence known in London, and things will never be the same again!

The Slitheen Unmasked
The Doctor needs Rose's mum's help as members of government and the military reveal themselves to be the fiendish aliens the Slitheen. 

The Doctor to the rescue!
The Doctor arrives to save Rose and Harriet Jones from the Slitheen.

How to make the Slitheen explode!
The Doctor works out the Slitheen's weakness, will it be in time to save Rose's mother?

A missile for 10 Downing Street
The Doctor helps Mickey to hack into the controls and fire a non-nuclear missile at 10 Downing Street, where all the Slitheen conspirators are now gathered. Will the Doctor and his companions survive?

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Aliens of London

World War Three

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Sounds of the TARDIS
Creating the TARDIS soundscape with Paul Jefferies.

Sound Design
Notes from Doctor Who Sound Designer Paul McFadden.

Creating The Sounds
More notes from Doctor Who Sound Designer Paul McFadden.

Monsterly Noises
Creating sounds for aliens.

Quietly Does It
Damian Richardson talks about operating the boom.

Mike Tucker
Insight from the models and miniature effects supervisor Mike Tucker.

Davy's Make-Up
Painting the picture with Doctor Who Make-up designer Davy Jones.

Making the Monsters
Notes from creature prosthetics designer Neil Gordon.

Helen Rayner
Notes from the Script Editor.

Locations Manager Clive Evans really knows his place.

Ernie Vincze
Meet Director of Photography, Ernie Vincze.

Moving the Slitheen
Fearsome adversaries, the Slitheen might look alien but beneath their green skin is an actor making them run around.

Credit: BBC