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07 Aug 2014BFI Q&A
23 Aug 2014Behind the scenes with Doctor Who Extra


The Twelfth Doctor Emerges
A post-regeneration Twelfth Doctor emerges from the TARDIS for the first time and is met with some familiar faces. But whether he not he remembers them remains to be seen...

"I'm The Doctor, I've Lived For Over 2000 Years..."
With his newly decorated TARDIS, new clothes and new regeneration The Doctor returns for Clara.

A Phonecall From The Eleventh Doctor
Clara receives a phone call from an old friend with an old face...

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Deep Breath + Q&A
Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat, current Doctor Peter Capaldi and actor Jenna Coleman discuss the new series. Capaldi also talks about meeting former Doctors Matt Smith and David Tennant, while Moffat reveals director Ben Wheatley’s love of the show and approach to making it.

LinkCredit: British Film Institute 

Deep Breath - Doctor Who Extra
A new series and a new Doctor, could a trip behind the scenes be any more exciting?

LinkCredit: BBC Worldwide