Episode Clips

Out Now! | Eve of the Daleks/Legend of the Sea Devils:
Now you can time-loop the Doctor's latest adventures! 'Eve of the Daleks' and 'Legend of the Sea Devils' are out now on both DVD and Blu-ray!

OCritics' Spot Trailer:
Don't miss the Doctor Who adventure critics are raving over

The Dalek Execution:
Go behind the scenes on the Doctor's encounter(s) with the Executioner Daleks in 'Eve of the Daleks'!

Eve of the Daleks: Trailer:
Eve of the Daleks ∞ 01.01.2022

Credit: BBC Studios 

The Final Loop :
One minute to midnight and the Daleks are relentless! Can the Doctor and friends pull off their plan?

The Doctor's Time Loop Speech:
As the Daleks close in, the Doctor works on a plan to save her friends - and shares some words of encouragement!

Yaz's True Feelings:
As the time loop closes and tensions rise, Dan gets both Yaz and the Doctor to confront their feelings...

Dan vs the Dalek:
Daleks do not store stuff!"

A Plan to Destroy the Daleks:
"Come on you brilliant humans! We go again, and we win."

Credit: BBC Studios