Episode Clips - The Stolen Earth
Episode Clips - Journey's End
29 Sep 2013BFI Q&A

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The Stolen Earth

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Journey's End

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Judoon Welcoming Comittee

Calling the Doctor
Earth's greatest heroes, including Martha, Rose and Captain Jack assemble to form the Doctor's secret army in a bid to find him and help save the world from the Daleks. It's action all stations as they open a subwave network to try to call the Doctor who is somewhere deep in space.

The Doctor dies?
Both Captain Jack and Rose take off in a bid to find the Doctor, and it is a race against time as the Dalek's get ever closer. Rose and the Doctor are reunited at last, but the doctor is hit by a Dalek. Can Jack, Donna and Rose get him into the TARDIS before he dies?

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The Tenth Doctor Regenerates...into the Tenth Doctor
The Doctor and Rose have been reunited once again, but neither of them saw that Dalek coming..

The two Doctors
As Davros and the Daleks threaten the entire universe, the Doctor and his team join forces to destroy them. Jack is hit by a Dalek, but it looks like he and the Doctor have a plan. The second Doctor meanwhile begins to sound very much like Donna. Strange.

The two Doctors become three
The end of the universe has come. Or has it? Donna, who can't even change a plug, has ended up with Time Lord knowledge during her metamorphosis with the Doctor. Sending the skinny-boys-in-suits to work, Donna works her magic with the rest of the team.

Kiss from Rose

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The Stolen Earth and Journey's End + Q&A
David Tennant's turn as the 10th Doctor marked the second season since the classic show was spectacularly reinvented for modern audiences. Tennant joins co-star Catherine Tate, director Graeme Harper and producer Phil Collinson on stage to share stories from behind the scenes.

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