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04 Oct 2014Behind the scenes with Doctor Who Extra

Next Time Trailer
The Doctor and Clara face vicious spider-like creatures... and a terrible dilemma.

The Doctor and Clara crash land on the Moon to find a world of horror awaiting them.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

When I say run, run!
The Doctor and Clara find an alien on the moon, and it’s far from friendly…

Giant Spider Attack
  The Doctor, Clara and Captain Lundvik try to work out what is killing the Moon and how many spider like creatures are there in the hiding?

The Moon Hatches
The Doctor, Clara and Captain Lundvik are present for a big day in humanity's history, the hatching of the Moon.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Doctor Who Extra
Join Peter Capaldi and the team - along with some scary ‘spiders’ - for the inside story.

LinkCredit: BBC Worldwide