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Open the box
The Doctor, Sanders and Todd are locked in a cell with the Box of Jana. Hindle, watching from a viewing screen in the control room, orders the Doctor to open the mysterious box

The Kinda's voice
Having fled the dome, the Doctor and Todd soon find themselves surrounded by the Kinda and the playful Trickster. But the return of a rather vocal Aris brings an abrupt end to the fun and games.

Hypnotised by the Chimes | Kinda
In the jungle on Deva Loka, the Doctor, Adric and Tegan find some mysterious wind chimes - which have a hypnotising effect on Tegan!

The Box of Jhana
Sanders' search for his missing crew members leads him to Panna, the wise woman of the Kinda tribe, and her young companion Karuna. But what is inside their gift of a very unusual box?

The Kinda attack
The Kinda surround the TSS before Aris gives the order to attack. But just who is at the controls as the vehicle goes somewhat out of control?

The Mara revealed
The Doctor traps Aris in a circle of mirrors forcing the Mara to reveal its true form.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

DVD Special Feature
A glimpse at some of the optional CGI replacement FX.

Credit: BBC Worldwide