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Possessed by the Eight Legs
Possessed by the Eight Legs, the followers of Lupton try to stop the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Tommy.

Third Doctor regenerates
The 8th June 1974 saw Jon Pertwee's time as the Third Doctor come to an end when, having been fatally affected by the Metebelis crystals, he has to regenerate.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Exclusive first look: Visiting the Doctor
In an amazing story, actor John Kane remembers how he practised the role of gentle, slow-witted Tommy, reborn through the power of the Metebelis crystal. Great bonus feature from Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders.

Exclusive first look: The Doctor's Greed
Script Editor Terrance Dicks reveals what he thought about the Doctor's speech in Planet of the Spiders.

Credit: BBC Worldwide