Fourth Doctor Titles Version 1
Tom Bakers' first title sequence which ran from 1974-80: Robot to The Horns of Nimon.

No Doctor I'm the Doctor!:
The fourth doctor has fully regenerated, almost, but finds himself trapped by medical officer Lieutenant Harry Sullivan. Later, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and Sarah Jane Smith find Sullivan tied up and the TARDIS about to depart. Will the new Doctor recognise his old companions?

The Fourth Doctor's New Clothes:
The Doctor joins the Brigadier in an investigation - but not before picking out a fresh new look!

The Doctor Puts on a Show:
As the Scientific Reform Society unveil the K1 Robot, the Doctor attempts to play for time until UNIT can intervene!

The Doctor and a Dandelion :
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart brings the Doctor - struggling to find the right outfit - to investigate the break-in at the Ministry of Defence advanced research centre, but the Doctor seems more interested in a pulverised dandelion on the grounds.

Sarah Jane Meets the K1 Robot:
While investigating the Think Tank, Sarah comes face to face with an extremely intriguing invention...

Giant Robot Attack!:
Surrounded by UNIT, the K1 robot makes a huge move - and captures Sarah Jane!

K1 Attacks the Doctor!:
he Doctor goes to the aid of Professor Kettlewell - but a surprise is laying in wait!

UNIT vs the K1 Robot :
UNIT and the Doctor move in on the SRS - but they are prepared with counter-measures!

A Childish Doctor?:
The K1 robot is defeated, and he has a fresh pair of eyes to see the universe with - it's time for the Doctor, Sarah and Harry to embark on some new adventures!

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Robot: Highlights:
Relive some highlights of the Fourth Doctor's debut story 'Robot'

Credit: BBC Studios