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The time corridor
In the docklands of London, the Doctor and his companions stumble across a survivor of a massacre instigated by the Doctor's oldest enemy, the Daleks.

The Doctor & Davros meet again
Davros has been freed from his cryogenic imprisonment onboard a prision space station, to find a cure for a virus which is deadly to Dalek tissue. The Doctor again has the opportunity to destroy Davros forever but will he have the courage?

Tegan's escape?
Tegan attempts to flee from the Daleks whilst the Doctor urges Stien to break his conditioned state and think for himself.

Tegan says goodbye
Traumatised by what she has witnessed, Tegan tells the Doctor she cannot travel with him any longer and says goodbye

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Exclusive First Look: Deleted and extended scenes
Extended and deleted scenes from the story 'Resurrection of the Daleks'. Watch this and more on the 'Resurrection of the Daleks' DVD

Interview With Eric Saward
Matthew Sweet chats to writer Eric Saward about his two exciting new Doctor Who novelisations!

Credit: BBC Worldwide