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Behind the Scenes

Next Time Trailer
The Doctor and Bill travel to one of Earth's first colonies in Smile.

Pearl Introduces Valencia
Pearl guides us around the stunning Valencia location.

Peter and Pearl Introduce Smile
Peter and Pearl introduce Bill's first real adventure!

Steven Introduces Smile
Steven introduces Smile - and the Doctor and Bill surrounded by jeopardy, menace and emojibots!


Escaping Emojibots
the Doctor and Bill soon discover an emojibot can turn from 😊 to 💀 very quickly...

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Ralf Little Achieves Childhood Ambition
Ralf gets to shoot a futuristic space gun! And has an idea for a come back...

Pearl Eats Alien Jelly
Pearl eats food from another planet! Are you jelly?

Praiseworthy Sings Peter & Pearl's Praises
Actor Kaizer Akhtar tells us what it's been like working with Peter and Pearl.

Peter And Pearl Meet Fans In Spain
Peter is amazed by the travelling fans in Valencia.

Credit: BBC Worldwide