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Next Time Trailer
The Doctor takes Bill back in time but there's something lurking under the ice...

Peter and Pearl Introduce Thin Ice
Our heroes travel back to 1814 in this week's episode Thin Ice but as Pearl and Peter reveal, there are dark consequences.

Steven Introduces Thin Ice
Steven introduces Bill's first journey in to the past!

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Always Looking For Trouble.
In this preview clip from Thin Ice the Doctor and Bill have landed on the River Thames during the last great Frost Fair of 1814...

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Snow Business
Pearl discovers the perils of fake snow!

Passion Fights!
Peter and Steven discuss that punch and the Third Doctor visits a fish and chip shop?

Pearl's Guide To The Frost Fair
Pearl takes us on a trip around the amazing Frost Fair set.

Peter and Pearl Go Period
Even the Doctor gets to dress up as the duo travel back to 1814.

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